Erik Persson, Fabian Blücher, John Billberg, Olof Grip and Josef Eder met during studies at the Kungliga Tekniska Högskola (KTH) in Stockholm. In 2003 General Architecture was founded.

The office got international acclaim with Skelleftåe Kraft Office Headquarters, and since then, thier recognition has been continuosly laureated with architectural awards and competition prices.

Currently their two big upcoming projects are Cederhuset, a high rise housing building in wood, and Skären, an office building extension in the heart of Stockholm.

General Architecture represents a classical architecture, based on a thorough analysis, and understanding of the conditions of the city, the qualities of the urban environment and efficient construction. Their work is mainly focused on offices, housing and property development.




General Architecture
Skeppsbron 28, 111 30 Stockholm, Svezia

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